Fantasies That Women Love But Won’t Admit

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What are some of the hottest sexual fantasies that women love but won’t admit? While women can have many kinky fantasies, some are more common than others. They can range from vanilla sex to even the kinkiest, most extreme forms of hardcore intercourse. Are you curious to learn more? Keep reading to learn about some secret sex acts that most women fantasize about!

Being Completely Dominated

Most women love to be submissive during sex, and almost every girl has some secret domination fantasy. The reason is that sexual domination can make a woman feel overpowered and lose control. That’s why many ladies fantasize about activities like spanking, slapping, choking, scratching, name-calling, bondage, and more. That also includes BDSM and more extreme aspects of forceful play like rape fantasies.

With all of those examples, it’s worth noting that they do not reflect what a woman really wants. Consensual and playful force is actually highly stimulating for a woman’s body and mind during sex. In fact, studies have shown that hardcore sex can make women orgasm much quicker. As mentioned, it all boils down to a loss of control. A woman can experience it when she allows a man to dominate her fully.

Take Control

On the flip side, lots of women also fantasize about taking control. They love to have their bodies worshipped because it shifts the sexual roles. Ultimately, women love to be dominant in bed because it allows them to call the shots. That way, they can express their female sexuality, which is commonly overpowered by male sexual desires.

And just like the previous, this female fantasy has many forms. It can encompass mild domination during sex (i.e., taking control, bondage, dirty talk), etc. But it can also include roleplay or using a man as an erotic slave. It can even involve using sex toys on men (e.g., pegging) or fully dressing up in leather and being a dominatrix.

All of these activities can make a woman feel like she is the center of attention during sex and that she will receive pleasure without question.

Sex With a Stranger

For the majority of women, this sexual fantasy is a huge turn on. It involves a sense of empowerment, risk, and the special thrill of relinquishing control. It can allow women to feel free from various everyday responsibilities and have sex without any baggage. That is why sex with a stranger or multiple strangers is such a common fantasy.

What’s more, in most cases, this fantasy is also about the seduction and anticipation that occurs before actual sex. Many women can fantasize about picking up a total stranger on the street, on the subway, and in all sorts of public places. That can even include the previous two fantasies. However, in reality, enacting this kink is risky. It’s much safer to satiate it through roleplay or various kinks.

Pay for Sex

Paid sex is another common fantasy. It explores various aspects of submission and dominance, and it involves a lot of stigma.

Some women fantasize about paid sex. That way, they can turn into a sexual “object.” That can remove any emotional attachment. It can allow them to focus solely on pleasuring their partner or being used for sex. Moreover, it can allow many women to feel slutty and objectified. Women could fantasize about getting paid by multiple guys for stripping or dancing, for example. Others could also fantasize about paying someone to please them sexually.

Roleplay: Schoolgirl

Roleplay scenarios that involve a woman having sex with someone they shouldn’t be are also common. The most popular sex fantasy is hands-down the teacher/student scenario. It can combine innocence, submission, experimentation, and power play. It is also taboo, and it can make women feel incredibly naughty.

Usually, a woman can fantasize about pleasing her teacher or even getting punished. All the while, she can act like her younger, less experienced self. In this role, a woman can be submissive, and she can fantasize about relinquishing control and pleasuring her older, more experienced partner (aka the teacher).

Of course, there are many other kinds of roleplay that involve an authority figure. Some of these include doctor/patient, boss/employee, daddy/little girl, and many others. In any case, roleplay is an excellent way to move past some sexual boundaries. It can allow women to experiment with their hottest fantasies.

Sex With a Woman

Several studies have found that 40%–50% of women have this fantasy. Hot girl-on-girl fantasies can feed a woman’s curiosity and help her broaden her sexual horizons.

In most cases, this fantasy doesn’t automatically signify that the woman is gay. Rather, it shows that she is open to experimentation and that she is simply curious to see what it’s like to get pleasure from or to satisfy another woman. Another common fantasy here is an MFF threesome. This fantasy allows women to focus on their partner, share some dominance fantasies, and merely participate in playful, kinky sex.

Group Sex

MFF threesomes are an immensely popular fantasy. They are wild, fun, and allow a woman to step out of her regular sexual experiences. That’s why many women fantasize about group sex with a female friend, co-worker, or even a total stranger. It can make women feel slutty and empowered at the same time.

And, of course, MMF threesomes or even orgies with several men are another popular fantasy. In these cases, such a fantasy may turn women on because it can allow them to become the focus of all sexual activity. It can make her feel worshipped as well as dominated. She can gain the complete attention of two or more males. Moreover, MMF threesomes can also end up in double penetration, which many women fantasize about.

Being Watched

Finally, this last kink can create a unique adrenaline rush. Women can enjoy the sensation of being watched in private or in public. They can also get turned on by watching others or observing their partner with someone else.

Many women also have a cuckold fetish. They can fantasize about being used by another man while their partner observes them. Overall, there are various reasons women love voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Namely, some may love it because it makes them feel sexy, admired, and even turns them into sexual objects. What’s more, some women could feel empowerment while allowing others to watch them during sex.


So which fantasy was your favorite? Now that you know all about women’s secret sex fantasies, you should try some in real life if your partner is into them! Good luck!