How to improve your pet play fetish

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Petplay is the role play as an animal to humans and vice versa. In various TV reports, Petplay is often broadcast on the night program. A bone is thrown at a person’s feet, or paws, and they jump with joy through the garden. Of course, this is not quite that simple, because there are some things to consider in a seriously lived pet play. But we may be too fast, so here step by step.

Product Information

Petplay means the game, mostly the power game as an animal. The word comes from Pet, which translates to Pet and Play means game. Animal Tails┬áPlay or Zoomimik is also spoken of in certain circles. These are erotic role-playing games in the BDSM area, in which one partner takes on the animal role and can be treated by the other. Important with every sexual “power game”: The agreed code word which ends the whole session and the voluntariness!

Why you live out Petplay

Classically, pet play includes exercising power and submission, sexual stimulation followed by humiliation and sadomasochistic practices.

Of course, the Petplay role-playing game is always carried out with the mutual understanding of both partners!

The variants of the game are as varied as you can imagine. The pet play is happy to be linked to various scenarios of the BDSM. No specific gender is assigned to the “animal” during the game, which is why it is usually referred to as “it”. Age is often varied. For example, you can “train” a cheeky street dog or teach rules to a puppy of a dog. Just as it is popular. It’s just a matter of testing yourself.

The passive partner will give up the human behavior patterns for a certain time and will sometimes have to get along without a voice. However, this is usually also desired by both.

Freedoms that are denied to a person can also be exercised in pet play. With this behavior and the freedom of an animal you can let go and indulge in your fantasies and live them out. To complete your petplay essentials, you can go to LP for assorted plugs that are perfect for your fetish.

Experience report fetish

  • When pain becomes pleasure
  • Choose the right environment

Basically, you should only live out the pet play in protected areas. The acceptance of the general population is rather low with this type of role-playing game, so that you can get aggressive headwind very quickly. Certain groups of people rightly feel disturbed by it. Children and young adults in particular shouldn’t see something like this. They can decide for or against it later.

We therefore recommend that you stay at home or go to special rooms that can be rented. There are stables and open spaces for this role-playing game. Themed parties in swinger clubs or in various establishments are also ideal for this.


How to live out the petplay

In addition to dressage, sporting activities and animal breeding, the focus is also on control and humiliation. Insemination and insemination, orgasm control and ruined orgasms as well as masturbation are integral parts of the game. It is of course also possible to experience no sexual acts within the role play, but to use the game “only” as a stimulating foreplay. Often, a chastity belt is built into the pet play, so that the gentleman decides whether there are sexual acts or not.

The decision for the animal

Most pet players do not choose an animal directly. Rather, it is probed for animal characteristics. It should suit you and your role should excite you in your imagination. It can go from the loyal dog to the obedient horse to the headstrong pig.

The “animal” almost always embodies the passive role. The passive part gives you control over the game and yourself in the hands of the active part. This leads through the game and decides what happens. Take the chosen pet as a role model. The typical behavioral patterns are largely imitated and played over until you completely get involved in your role.

The active partner is the “owner”. The owner rides his pony and gets it on the right track with a whip. The owner also decides whether the dog is allowed to play or should sit still in its place.

  • Whip,
  • anal plug,
  • The horse

This role in pet play is also known outside the scene and is probably played most often. The distinction is made between dressage ponies, work horses and mounts. Accordingly, there are also tasks for the animals. A whip, whip or saddle are often used as additional accessories for the horse role. Because of the attractive toys that can be used, the horse is probably played so often.

The dog

In dogplay, the characteristics and character of the dog are adopted. This includes retrieving, eating or drinking from a bowl, walking on a leash and much more. Typical of this role are wearing a collar and a leash which are also often used in BDSM sessions. Puppy shoes that prevent you from using your hands are also popular.

The dog’s clear advantage: the utensils are available almost everywhere and are inexpensive.

  • Looking for an accessory?
  • How about that black cock?

The pig

This is a very submissive role. The slaughter fantasy is often lived out, which of course requires fattening. Likewise that a pig is used for breeding.

Other animals and their characteristics

A playful cat who gets a slap with the rolled up newspaper, a stubborn goat or the obedient sheep. Wild animals are also popular and can serve as role models, even if they are not very common. LG offers various animal tail plugs that can spark your pet play fantasies, so make sure to visit them.

What you should pay attention to

  • As already mentioned above: As with every BDSM session or role-playing game, make up a code word that breaks off the whole thing immediately. This can of course be used by the active as well as the passive part.
  • Respect your privacy and don’t force your fetish on others. The pet play is always based on a voluntary decision and should be lived in a “protected environment”. At fetish parties, at your home or on theme days in the swinger club.

If you don’t want to collect an expensive document from the state, you should follow these rules. The excitement of public annoyance can be expensive and often ends up in the provincial newspapers which superiors, customers, friends and acquaintances will read. If there is a human dog peed on a tree, there is a risk of social demarcation from other people.

But basically we think “live and let live”! So live out your fetish, try and repeat the whole thing or chop it off as an experience. You can’t lose anything, you can only win!