How to improve your pet play fetish

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Submission comes in different ways. When you’re showing affection, love, attraction, and desire for your partner, there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. You can be dirty and slutty, or cute and silly, or calm and perfectly obedient. 

You can try exploring everything that the submissive part of yourself has to offer. That way, you may discover that you can give your partner a lot more than you had previously thought. Plus, you can find excitement and joy in many unexpected places!

However, every BDSM role is quite demanding. And no matter what your preferences and interests are, you need some time to learn how to play your part. As we all know, practice makes perfect!

And when it comes to the role of a pet, that one certainly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons why so many kinksters love pet play. For instance, it’s really fun and cute, and can be super arousing as well. 

But anyone may face difficulties in keeping their play fresh and exciting. For that reason, it’s extremely useful to look for new tips and ideas now and then. No matter how experienced and creative you are, there are always new ways of improving your play. After all, being innovative and exploring new things is undoubtedly a massive turn-on for every kinkster out there!

Understand What Turns You On 

Exploring kinks and fetishes should be followed by introspection. It doesn’t just make things easier, but also makes your play and relationship safer. When you’re aware of what you like and for what reason, the risk of being misunderstood gets a lot lower.

When your partner doesn’t get your needs and desires, the play will likely go wrong at one point. So, it’s essential to understand why something brings you sexual and psychological pleasure. That way, both you and your partner will enjoy a safer and more intense BDSM experience.

So, what is it about the role of a pet that you love so much? Is it the opportunity to show your partner love and affection purely and honestly? Or, do you see it as your safe space that allows you to let it all go? And does the feeling of dependence on your partner sexually arouse you?

In most cases, it’s a little bit of everything. However, everyone has their priorities and main reasons that drive them in a certain direction. And once you understand them, you’ll know what to add and what to focus on during your play.

Watch Some Porn 

Even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, porn can be a useful source of inspiration. When you’re looking for new ideas or tips for improving your play, pornography may be just the right solution. And luckily, there are a lot of BDSM-related porn videos that can be helpful. 

But in case you’re not into watching porn, you can search for erotic novels and stories. These can provide you with creative, new ideas you can use in your play too. Just remember that you need your partner’s consent when trying new things!

The good thing about pet play is that you can combine it with various other activities, like impact play, humiliation, bondage, etc. So, pornography may give you some idea on how to put different elements together to create the best BDSM scene ever!

Use Animal Tail Plugs 

Luckily, sex shops have some things to offer to kinksters who enjoy pet play. One of them is an animal tail plug. This sex toy can be very helpful when you’re trying to get into your role and to perform some tasks your Dom may request of you.

Depending on what animal you relate to, you can choose just the perfect tail butt plug for yourself. So, if you’re into kitten play, you’ll find a lot of long, fluffy tails that go perfectly with your role and other accessories you enjoy wearing. And by using such toys, your role-playing will feel more real and exciting at the same time! To complete your petplay essentials, you can go to LP for assorted plugs that are perfect for your fetish.

Use a Cage 

Cage is a perfect device to use during animal play. It’s excellent for increasing the level of dependence on their owner the pet is going to feel. At the same time, being locked inside a cage will bring a lot of excitement to those who are into humiliation and movement restriction.

So, using a cage is a perfect way to add a strong power exchange element to your pet play. And there are a lot of exciting things you can do to your pet when you lock them inside. For instance, it’s a perfect opportunity to degrade or tease them verbally. One thing is certain — once you get a cage, you’ll have no trouble dominating your pet.

Use Humblers 

This BDSM device is perfect for cock and ball torture. It restrains the male sub in a way that they can choose between keeping their legs folded forward and hurting their testicles. So, in case you’re looking for a way of combining sadomasochism with animal play, you should consider getting humblers.

Other than being painful, wearing humblers can also be very humiliating. So, they are certainly not for everyone, and you should think about it carefully before you decide to use them in your play. 

Bondage Mitts 

Bondage mitts are one more thing you can use to make your pet play more about the exchange of power. This device will keep the hands of your pet useless, making them unable to do basic things, like open the door or drink a glass of water.

For instance, making your pet eat out of a bowl while wearing bondage mitts will make a strong psychological impact on them. It’s not just that they aren’t allowed to use their fingers, but now they are unable to do so! That will be especially thrilling for pets who are into bondage in general.


A lot of gags on the market are made specifically for pet play. These are mostly bite gags that look like something an animal should hold between its teeth. For example, a model that looks like a little bone is a perfect toy for those who are into puppy play.

In general, people enjoy wearing gags because it makes them feel more helpless. However, it doesn’t leave them completely silent. A pet who’s wearing a gag still can make winy, pathetic noises, which can be very arousing for both sub and Dom.


Most pets are thrilled by the idea of belonging to someone. And nothing says you’re someone’s sub like wearing a collar. For that reason, this toy is almost always used in pet play. And since these come in various colors and shapes, you can easily find the one that goes perfectly with your animal role. Choosing a collar that matches your style and personality shouldn’t be an issue.

Other than having a symbolic meaning, collars also an actual purpose. You can’t put a leash on your pet unless you have something to attach it to! 


As we all know, most pets enjoy misbehaving now and then. For that reason, it’s very useful to have a whip at the reach of your hand. Lashing a disobedient pet is a perfect way to remind them who’s in charge. And it’s also not a bad idea to use a whip on them when they’re struggling to accomplish a task. That should motivate them to try harder, don’t you think?

Using a whip is especially convenient for pony play since it can make it feel more real. But you can use it on any type of “animal,” as long as you have your pet’s consent. It will make them feel more helpless and vulnerable. 


Holding your pet on a leash will undoubtedly make them understand that they are under your control. That is why leashes go perfectly with the pet play fetish. Just like a collar, a leash says to them that they are owned, claimed, and at someone’s mercy.

Leashes are also great for controlling your pet’s movement. So, in case you’re taking them for a walk, making them go close to you or behind you is easy once you put a leash on them. And if you feel sadistic, you can even keep them from doing a task you gave them by using a leash. Later, you can punish them for disobedience. That will certainly show them the power you have over them!