The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Erotic Fiction

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Erotic novels are a great way to express yourself. But what is the difference between good and bad erotica? We decided to give you a few hints that might help you along the way, and allow you to improve your writing skills. 

Erotic Novels Are Not Just for Jerking Off

When writing about sex, your goal shouldn’t be for people to jack off to it. Not saying that it isn’t a compliment for your writing skills and story, but there should be a lot more to it. Your goal is to respect the reader, genre, and write a sex scene that is more than a porn scenario.

You should try approaching your story as any other writer. That is, you should excite people’s brains as much as their genitals. Focus on writing a thrilling story that will be exciting to read while talking about naughty stuff. 

A book, adult story, or novel can be a powerful tool, and you should use it not only as a masturbation guide but to create a breathtaking story. Then, you will feel a lot better when someone’s wanking while reading it. 

Avoid Using Cliche for the Sexual Actions and Euphemism for Body Parts

Cliches are not your friend. Writing about throbbing rods, family jewels, and moist womanhood is not fun. People don’t want to see it, and it will sound like lame fan-fiction. If someone’s reading your story, you can assume that they won’t be shy about finding real names for the body parts. 

The same applies to sexual actions. There are so many erotic stories out there, and we’ve seen it all. Your stories should be something never seen before. The idea is to wake someone’s senses and send their imagination running. 

Reading about pounding like a jackhammer is only funny, and will defy the whole purpose of intimacy your erotic story should have. The “Fifty Shades” series made such an impact because it was somehow able to unleash hidden desires and wishes that many tried to hide from themselves. 

Draw on All Five Senses When Writing a Sex Scene

Instead of jumping straight to jackhammering, you should try to attract your readers to the story. There are so many ways you can let the story embrace them, and the best is by drawing on all their senses. Explain how things smell, how they feel, how they sound, taste. 

Good fiction requires a dose of immediacy, so try to explain where the characters are and how they feel. Soon, the entire scene will emerge in your readers’ minds. 

You probably remember how you felt when you read your favorite book, and try to recreate that feeling in your own stories. 

Take Your Readers to Another World Using Their Imagination

People read books for escapism, to have fun, or to learn something new, and you can achieve all this through your stories. If someone is reading your fiction, they want to be transported somewhere special. Just because you’re writing erotic fiction doesn’t mean that your characters should be shallow and your story non-existent. 

Furthermore, good erotic fiction can be as high-quality as any other genre, and you should strive towards that. One of the things you should avoid is describing sex in detail. There are some things that you should let your readers fill up, and no one needs a step-by-step sex guide. If you leave a bit of mystery, the person reading it will fill in the blanks by themselves. 

Write Your Own Fantasy

In the end, you should remember that this is your own story, and it should follow your rules. Don’t be afraid to invest yourself in the story, or to write about your desires. If you add a bit of truth to the fiction, it will liven up and become a bit more approachable. You don’t need to write your autobiography, but you can add elements that you enjoy and dream of. 

If you write an erotic story, and you’re not turned on, it might be a signal that you’re doing something wrong. As a result, there is a high chance that readers won’t enjoy your story as well. 

All of us are different, and your story that’s based on your desires and things that excite you will be authentic and unique. If you have unusual fetishes or kinks, write about them. Naturally, if you are scared of people finding out, you can always write under a pseudonym. 

Erotica Can Be Quite Fun

Writing stories that revolve around adult sex can be quite fun. By following several rules, your skills can significantly improve. As a writer, your goal is to find a way to take your readers to another world and excite their imaginations. The easiest way to achieve that is by adding things that are exciting to you, and if you are aroused while reading/writing your story, then you are on a good path.