Top Sexual Fantasies for Men

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What are the top sexual fantasies for men? Do all guys have particular fetishes that they fantasize about the most? Which ones are the most common, and which ones are the kinkiest? Check out our article for the most common fantasies that turn men on!

Being Submissive

Firstly, men are usually the ones who initiate sex. Therefore, it’s only natural that many guys have submission fantasies. By being submissive, men can allow women to take control of their sexual pleasure. That can be highly stimulating. It can also make men feel like an object of intense sexual desire.

Submission fantasies can range from kinky sex games (i.e., light bondage and blowjobs) to more advanced forms of BDSM play. In light submission fantasies, men can become the object of a woman’s libido. They could allow the woman to take control. This type of submission doesn’t have to be degrading, and it can be a big confidence booster. One example of this is an erotic massage with a happy ending.

What’s more, submissive fantasies are very versatile. Nearly any man could enjoy one. It could encompass anything from role-playing, being a slave or sexual servant, worshiping a partner, and even prostate milking or pegging. What’s more, guys could simply enjoy handing over the reins to their female partners. Some men could get turned on by dominant women who love to explore their sexuality and try out new and kinky activities. Other guys are just into powerful women, and they may like to get humiliated by them.

Having Sex in a Public Place

Many men are also highly turned on by various public sex fantasies. These male fantasies involve the thrill of getting caught while being extremely naughty.

Public sex can encompass anything from getting a handjob under the desk in a crowded place to even having sex in dressing rooms. Bathrooms, clubs, or outdoor spots like parks are also some of the most popular spots for public action. What’s more, sex outside can allow couples to step out of their predictable surroundings and improve their sex life. It can create a high adrenaline rush.

Usually, it’s all about knowing that you’re having sex in a spot where it’s not allowed. Plus, men can also enjoy it because it makes them and their partners feel slutty and incredibly kinky. Many could also fantasize about making videos or photos during their sexy public adventures.


Most men will get massively turned on by some type of domination fantasy. Guys are naturally inclined to feel dominant inside and outside of the bedroom. This fantasy can make them feel like they’re in charge.

Some examples of these kinks involve rough sex, role play sex, or even more extreme fantasies, including male dominance in BDSM. In this case, men could fantasize about all sorts of domination and submission games. That includes cock, body, and ass worship. It also involves anal domination, rough oral sex, sex toys, punishment, and even verbal humiliation. However, many guys like to be dominant by turning their female partner into a sexual object and using them any way they please.

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Whatever your fantasy may be, the basic principle is the same. When the guy is in control of any sexual activity, he can express his strength and power. In many cases, fulfilling this male fantasy can also deepen a couple’s relationship. However, with any type of forceful play or domination fantasy, it’s important to note that they need to remain consensual. If a guy is into hardcore sex and humiliation, it’s important to only view it as a fantasy that isn’t necessarily a part of real life.

Role Play Sex

Of course, role play is one of the most popular kinks with both men and women. In the case of men, they could use role-play to fulfill some domination fantasies. The most common scenarios for this are daddy/little girl, teacher/student, and similar.

However, role-play can also help men fulfill all sorts of submission fantasies too. For this, scenarios like doctor/patient or boss/employee are quite effective. Role-play revolves around power exchange, and the type of fantasy that your guy could prefer will depend on if he’s submissive or dominant. Moreover, role play can allow dudes to take on a role that is different from their usual selves and then feel sexually empowered.

Being a Cuck

Cuckolding is an incredibly popular fantasy for many submissive men. In simple terms, a cuckold is a man who enjoys watching his wife with someone else.

But, what’s unique about this fantasy is that the man is always complicit with the infidelity. He willingly agrees to get humiliated in this way. All the while, he is deprived of any sexual pleasure (i.e., masturbation while watching) during the act.

In most cases, the fantasy entails that the cuckold male is present while his partner or wife has sex with one or several males. That can be a one-time occasion, or it can last for several years. Cucks who are extremely submissive could also practice chastity play and other forms of BDSM. Moreover, cuckolding can also be highly arousing for the woman. It can be incredibly exciting for women who enjoy sex with other men and fantasize about humiliating their male partners.

Watching Their Partners Have Sex With Someone Else

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that not all guys who love to watch are cucks. Many will simply get off by watching their wife or partner with other men. The physical act, as well as its emotional effects, can be highly arousing to many men.

Additionally, most men can fantasize about watching their female partner with another woman. In this case, the fantasy can make the guy feel special and incredibly kinky. Of course, guys who have this fantasy will also probably like to participate in any form of group sex, for instance, MFF or MMF threesomes.

Final Thoughts

So which men’s fantasy example did you like the most? As you can see, men are complicated creatures, and they’re not just into porn stars with big tits. There are many common male fantasies that you could try out with your partner to make him happy today! Good luck!