Who Are the Top Women Erotic Fiction Writers?

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The Top Women Writers of Erotic Fiction

When it comes to erotic fiction, women do it best. Women writing for other ladies is always a recipe for success. Well, we say always, but that might be an over-exaggeration (we’re looking at you, “Fifty Shades of Grey”). 

Still, even when they go the cheesy route, female writers bring sexual fantasies to life in a unique way that generally appeals to other women. 

From short stories to full-length erotic fantasy novels, there’s plenty of female-written erotica out there. You just have to know where to look. Some works are edgy and too kinky for words, though. In contrast, others are the perfect combination of erotica and other genres. For example, the world-famous “Black Dagger Brotherhood” is a paranormal romance erotica saga.

All sexes love erotic fiction. Still, women usually make up the majority of the reading base. And, because women prefer female writers, there’s a plethora of female written erotica out there. But who are the top women erotic fiction writers?

The Queen of Bad Behavior — Mary Gaitskill Works

Although Mary Gaitskill’s opus features some 30 books, her most famous work is her ‘80s erotica hit “Bad Behavior.” The fact that she dared to write an edgy and unapologetic book about sexual fantasies and wish-fulfillment back in the ‘80s, long after the moralists managed to kill the sexual revolution, is, frankly, awe-worthy.

“Bad Behavior” is a collection of stories that are written in a brilliant, intelligent way, and it offers so much more than pure erotica to the reader. The stories explore people and their basic need to connect with others. They are desperate for others to recognize and accept them for who they truly are.

Most of the protagonists in Gaitskill’s stories are the lost and forgotten nobodies. They live on the very edge of society, which should make them hard to relate to. And yet, it doesn’t. While reading, we find ourselves not only questioning their morals but also relating to their choices. Most of all, we enjoy their sexual (and other) adventures.

A More Lustful Coming of Age Story — Susan Miniot Works

Riding on Gaitskill’s coattails but quickly coming into her own, Miniot debuted with two different books before publishing the masterpiece that is “Lust and Other Stories.” Now, you might say that another anthology is too much for such a short list as ours is. But, trust us, these stories are well worth your time.

Miniot wrote a special kind of coming-of-age story. This book is one of the ones that leave you shattered and gutted. With a deceptively delicious title, the book is about so much more than lust. And even when it deals with that particular topic, it does so in a unique narrative way. 

Miniot makes her stories feel real (which is why they hurt so much). If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter romantic erotic book, look elsewhere. Miniot writes about things that happen in real life. She gives her works an aspect of humanity and truthfulness that not all authors are able to achieve. That means that happy endings with neatly tied loose ends have no place in Miniot’s art.

Sex-Positive Champion — Anaïs Nin Works

Sensual where you’d expect it to be raunchy and overall very sex-positive, Nin’s “Delta of Venus” is erotic fiction in its best form. 

There’s a good reason why Nin is one of the pioneer feminist writers both in the field of erotica and in general. Her gem that shone like a bright star at the very end of the sexual revolution in the ‘60s, “Delta of Venus,” depicts a slightly different time when sex was still something that people talked about under the cloak of darkness.

Even though she covers topics that are risky and can border on disgusting, her writing makes them beautiful and raw. Never the one to go for shock value, each word Nin writes has a purpose. That’s what makes this work of fiction one of the best erotic novels of all time. Even fifty-plus years after its debut, the way Nin wrote about taboos and socially acceptable and unacceptable sexual behavior still resonates deeply with the readers.

Bared Her Soul and So Much More — Sylvia Day Works

The first of five books in the “Crossfire” saga, “Bared to You” is a contemporary piece of erotic brilliance. Even though many compare it to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Bared to You” is a deeper and, many would say, more successful depiction of a relationship that borders on obsession.

However, where the “Grey” saga failed to offer its readers a healthy relationship involving no coercion or manipulation, the “Crossfire” series managed to do that and more. A story about damaged people and healing, as well as abandonment and traumas, is a breathtaking piece of erotica. And, of course, there’s lots of well-written, hot-as-fire sex.

Provocative, highly erotic, and passionate, “Bared to You” is definitely a book that you won’t be able to put down until the very last page. The constant struggle between the needy yet independent heroine and her obsessive yet aloof male counterpart will keep you at the edge of your seat. Not to mention, the chemistry between them will make you fan yourself from time to time!

A Few Parting Words

Many women wrote about sex throughout history, be it under their own name or under a pseudonym. It just so happens that, thanks to the remnants of the patriarchal society, men still dominate all literary fields. 

However, for the past few decades, women writers have been merging from the shadows with pieces of pure erotic art, ready to take over the world. And, as you can see from these four examples, they’ve succeeded!