Why All of Us Should Start Reading Erotica Again

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We are witnessing increasingly popular consumerism as a product of the modern age. Everything is available to us, and everything is easily replaceable.  Imagination has disappeared, and romance is almost gone. Eroticism had a much deeper meaning in the old days, and sex was the crown of intimacy. Today we are in a hurry. We have no time, and very often, we forget that enthusiasm for life. We lost that curiosity we had as children.

So, our sex lives suffer too. Everything becomes monotonous, and, often, we lose the will for it. However, some are very happy to return to some old but proven recipes for a healthier, more fulfilling sex life. In bookstores, you can find numerous books that deal with the topic of sex, from instructional manuals for young people to guides for the more experienced, and finally to erotic novels.

People like to learn from books on how to improve their sex life and peek into someone else’s bed. It seems that erotic novels are often among the best-selling books!

Let’s see what this is all about!

How the Internet Gave Us Easy Access to Different Materials, Including Porn

The number of new internet users is growing rapidly. Everyone is online, from children to the elderly. Some view the internet as an endless source of entertainment; others use it to gain new knowledge and contact people around the world.

Naturally, porn movies have become widely available online, and the demand is insatiable. The legalization of pornography happened in 1969 in Denmark. That led to the rise of a porn company, whose sole purpose was to produce tons of pornography for young people who watched it in cinemas. After that, Betamax appeared, which was very quickly replaced by VHS. Later, it was overthrown by DVDs, and, finally, the internet buried all of them, establishing itself as the sole ruler.

Now you can watch pornography easily as often as you want — for free. With just one click, you can have access to thousands of hours of any content you fancy.

Erotica Improves Your Imagination

Porn is indeed available to everyone, and that way, you can quickly satisfy your lust. But in a way, it kills your creativity and imagination. Erotic literature, on the other hand, increases libido.

If you are not a fan of erotic literature, maybe you should consider it once again. Next time you enter the bookstore, check some latest editions.  According to recent research, erotic novels have a good effect on our sex lives. They increase the desire to share tenderness, but also encourage new ideas and experimentation in bed.

For example, you can follow the characters in the story and get into their role. Use their sentences and sex poses next time you have sex, and later, after you relax a bit, you can come up with something original.

That can wake up your body and mind. Also, erotic novels usually don’t shy away from taboos and lewd language, which can further inflame your passion. By imitating your favorite characters’ dirty talk, you can make your partner go wild. Couples are often embarrassed when talking dirty, and this is a great way to avoid it.

It Teaches You to Slow Down

You can pause the movie, you can restore the video with one click, but to read, you already need to concentrate. There is no guide to explain how to have good sex. There is also no definition of bad sex.  Sex is a constant exploration of our desire.

Erotic fiction explored the human experience by asking questions that many do not want to ask. In this hectic world, our attention is divided constantly, as we try to perform numerous tasks that are set before us every day. However, when you read a book, all your attention is focused on what you are reading.

We always delay, either until the first sex or until the relationship starts, which further intensifies the otherwise unbearable tension.  Your eyes and your thoughts are immersed in the story when you read. That way, you become more focused and improve your concentration. That will help you to prolong your passionate moments. It will activate your creativity, and it will bring some refreshments to your daily routine.

It Helps You Enjoy the Moment

As mentioned, reading erotica helps us get rid of worries and break out of the monotony. You can find great ideas to get rid of boredom in the sack. Sex stories take you to a different, unknown world and help you unwind.

Need help inflaming passion? Oh, yes! Sharing sexual fantasies with a partner can sometimes be uncomfortable. People are afraid of how their partner will react and whether they will judge them for it. Erotic literature can undoubtedly help in that. Tell your partner that you have read a fantasy that does not come out of your head and that you want to try it.

That will make you feel less vulnerable because you did not directly expose your desires — you merely discussed your reading habits.

By reading erotica, couples not only get new ideas but also realize how common their kinks are. Remember the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise? Yeah, it turned out that erotic literature raises libido and encourages fiery and passionate sex.

It Is Basically Like a Manual

The notorious genre that no one claims to read is becoming more and more popular in the world. Apparently, no one has ever read “Fifty Shades of Gray.” No one has watched the movie either, and everyone rejects it as some silly “female erotica.” Yet everyone knows the spicy details. Suspicious!

Erotic literature has undergone a metamorphosis from obscure novels read by housewives to something we call “new adult” today. Erotic stories have become some sort of manuals for folks looking to up their sex game. They depict modern relationships and how difficult it is to find a common language to convey our deepest fantasies. Sex rrotica also had a significant influence on the sexual revolution and liberation in the second half of the 20th century.

Erotic books contain honest, compassionate, and at times humorous answers to questions about sex. They use relatable characters to show how exciting, playful, and even poetic sex can be. Wise, witty, and yet simple, erotica will reshape your outlook on life and love. You will re-examine the attitudes and prejudices you have about sexuality, and find out how to overcome everything that hinders you from having a blast in the sack.

It Is a Good Break From the Internet

Do you ever just want to turn off everything? Your cellphone, your pc, and TV? Well, reading ticklish literature would surely help you to take a break.

Get some ideas for your own adventures in the bedroom. Write another new chapter. Enjoy the moment while reading dirty content that can turn you on like nothing.

What’s more, with erotica, you’ll learn to put your own fantasies and desires into words. Maybe you can identify yourself with the main character? It is an excellent chance to come up with some new role-play ideas. Your partner would be more than happy to try something different.