Why Quarantine Erotica Is Becoming a Thing Now

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Last year was pretty weird, to put it mildly. From the beginning of a global pandemic to political turmoil, most people found themselves suffering from anxiety. And seeing how the only way to battle the virus is to stay at home, quarantine became our everyday life. Unfortunately, being inside four walls means being alone with your thoughts.

No matter how well-set you are, it all gets pretty tiresome after a while. Particularly for people who’re single and would instead go out and hook up with a potential partner. Luckily, there’s a way to rejuvenate your sex life even in quarantine. Hence, we’re here to talk about why reading erotica might be perfect for you.

Quarantine Just Got Horny

We’re no strangers to seeing writers, musicians, and other artists exploit the world around them. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Many great works of art and literature came from horrible conditions that surrounded their creators. For instance, Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” while in quarantine because of the great plague.

But we’re facing Covid-19 here, and things are a bit different from what they were during the 17th century. The world is much more open about sex, and people crave lust, love, and romance. Luckily, erotic books seem to be enjoying a renascence of sorts. Modern authors are using the global pandemic to bridge the gap between their fictional characters and their readers.

Online erotica sites and horny books are pretty much what’s keeping some people sane during the quarantine. Since they can’t go out and date other people, men and women both look for a way to satisfy their physical needs. But can’t you do it by watching porn? Well, yes, you can. But watching a bunch of people having unrealistic intercourse isn’t as exciting as reading erotic literature.

Sure, porn can be fun, but it becomes stale after a while. However, if you mix your cards up a bit and incorporate erotic books into your masturbation routine, you might find it much more satisfying than X-rated videos. And here’s how.

Inventive Ways to Make Your Lockdown Hot

Quarantines are strangely erotic times. Being alone with someone you barely know can quickly shift into something else. That is the case with two of the most popular erotic books these days. And yes — both are pretty good.

Of course, we’re talking about “Quarantined with a Billionaire” and “Isolated with a Billionaire.” Sure, it’s funny that they have almost identical titles. But what else are you going to name your book during the pandemic, “Fifty Shades of Quarantine?” Nonetheless, let’s explain why these two titles are a perfect way to explore erotic literature while in lockdown.

Firstly, we’d like to talk about Jade C. Jamison’s “Quarantined with the Billionaire.” It’s a perfect way to introduce yourself to erotic fiction. In short, Bailey and her boss, Maddox Steel, end up rooming with one another after their town enters lockdown. However, she doesn’t like Maddox, but the situation makes her reconsider her opinion.

On the other hand, “Isolated with a Billionaire” has two characters who secretly like one another from the get-go. Katharine O’Neill’s novel tells a story of a babysitter and her wealthy employer coming to terms with the situation they’re facing. Still, Nick’s family is in their way, and he and Sarah must find a way to cope with their feelings.

Lots of New Writers Are Diving Into This Concept

Writing great erotic novels like “Fifty Shades of Grey” doesn’t require you to be a well-known writer. Moreover, E. L. James wasn’t either. She would write erotic fan fiction and short stories, and with time, she broke into the mainstream. And that’s precisely what many young and aspiring authors are doing these days.

One thing’s for sure — we’re all in this mess together. Hence, people who enjoy this sort of content are beginning to share their fantasies and ideas about how lockdown can turn into something more fun and kinky. Sites like DeviantArt and Wattpad are all of a sudden full of users posting their erotic stories with all sorts of sex scenes.

And since quantity eventually allows quality to appear, some of these are worthy of your attention. Sure, some ramble about group sex and students who come to stay with their landlords, but others don’t follow usual porn tropes. Erotic literature allows you to describe and talk about simple sexual acts and make them almost otherworldly.

The thing is, words can sometimes sting your imagination more than seeing two people bang each other on a sleazy porn set. The fact that everyone can imagine their protagonists the way they want makes the whole concept grander. Also, books can allow you to understand what people are thinking during sex, unlike a movie. Sure, a film can add narration, but that breaks the audience’s immersion.    

Don’t Ignore Your Lockdown Lust!

We’ve already said that being in quarantine can affect your mental health. Hence, restricting yourself from sexual stimulation can only worsen that. There’s no need to not indulge in masturbation or sex with your partner while in lockdown. After all, it can only help.

No matter if you’re single or not, make the most of your time at home. Experiment with your body and relationship. Visit porn sites if you feel like it, but don’t forget a whole other world that lies waiting for you in erotic literature and short online fiction. Moreover, here’s how you can combine both masturbation and reading.

Reading in itself is a form of relaxation, wouldn’t you agree? So, think of it as just another part of the overall satisfaction game. Take a long bath, make yourself comfortable in your bed, open your book, and take out your favorite sex toy. Start slowly masturbating as you read through the pages and increase the intensity as the scenes get more explicit.

Of course, if you don’t own a toy, get one online. Just like erotic stories are booming right now, the adult toy industry is going through its golden age. Our pick would be either a dildo of your liking or an anal plug that you can insert and leave inside your booty while you enjoy your book. Make yourself a part of the story you’re reading.