Women and Erotic Fiction — a Love That Never Dwindles

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Why Do Women Love Erotic Literature More Than Porn?

The wild success of “Fifty Shades of Grey” surprised everyone except women. It came as a genuine shock to men who apparently haven’t been paying attention these past few decades (or centuries). Although a piece of forgettable literature at best, “Fifty Shades” gave women what they wanted — a sexy book.

There’s a perpetual stereotype out there that women find porn disgusting. Apparently, they think it’s vile and indecent. That’s completely untrue. Women don’t think porn is awful — they just prefer to consume it in different ways, for example, by reading erotica.

Do you remember that one “Friends” episode where Joey found Rachel’s racy book? Oh, yes, we all remember Zelda and her dirty adventures with the vicar! Well, that scene is as entertaining as it is realistic. You’re really more likely to find erotic stories in a woman’s browser history than Pornhub links.

That’s not to say that women don’t enjoy porn. Of course not! Women just think that reading sexy stuff gets them going better than watching it. But why?

It’s More Stimulating

There’s a challenge on the internet where women get naked and film their partner’s reaction to it. It’s amusing how far the jaws of men in the videos can drop and how quickly they can react. 

But, have you ever wondered why there aren’t any videos of men doing the same to their partners? Probably because the reactions would be vastly different. 

“What are you doing? Why are you naked? Aren’t you cold?” would be the most likely reaction from the ladies. Unlike the men, who gaze adoringly (or hornily) at their partner’s naked bodies, women wouldn’t get instantly turned on. Why?

Does that mean women aren’t as attracted to their partners? Of course not. Women and men simply aren’t stimulated by the same things. 

Men are visual creatures. Studies show that men are more likely to get aroused by watching images and videos, while women have a bigger chance of getting turned on if they hear or read about sexy things.

That really explains women’s love of erotica. So, there is some truth to the old wive’s tale that women aren’t that easy to stimulate visually.

It’s Tailored to Women

So, what’s the answer to the question of why women love literature more than porn? Porn is unrealistic. We all know that. It’s a caricature of real sexual relations and, although it’s entertaining (and hot), it doesn’t really score many points when it comes to realism. Women mind that more than men do.

The fact is, porn is made for men. It’s tailor-made so that men find it extremely appealing. That’s why there are so many shots of people looking like they are auditioning for Circe du Soleil rather than having sex. 

Men like to see everything. So the directors and producers of porn make sure they can.

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Women are more likely to comment on (and, thus, mind) the unrealistic aspect of porn. Even lesbian porn is made with men in mind. Ask any lesbian out there, and they’ll tell you that their sex lives bear no resemblance to porn. 

No lesbian would ever finger her partner with long nails! Plus, lesbians don’t scissor nearly as often as men seem to think they do. 

Women like their depictions of sex to be more sensual and pleasurable. That’s why porn isn’t really their go-to stimulation. There are very few porn houses out there that make porn with a woman’s perspective in mind. So, women turn to what they already know works — erotica.

They Can Connect to It Better

With porn, what you see is what you get. And, as we already mentioned, women don’t always like what they see. It’s really hard to work yourself up to an orgasm if you’re watching a lady get pounded so hard and in such a weird position that you can’t help but wonder, “Is she OK? That can’t be comfortable!”

So is that the answer to the question of why is literotica more stimulating than porn? Yes and no. 

Aside from being more stimulated by words, women connect with erotica better. Because they get a full story, ladies can relate to the characters and form a bond with them. That allows them to experience the entire book in a deeper way.

Reading erotica can be as fun as your imagination can make it. And since imagination practically has no limits, you can deduce why reading might be more stimulating to women than simply watching porn. 

It’s a Safe Form of Escapism

Even in today’s sex-positive world, women are often judged for their choices. The way they choose to get their rocks off is often under scrutiny. That’s why many read erotica. 

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Reading is a safe form of escapism for women. No one is there to judge them or look at them in a weird way or criticize their choices. By reading erotica, women can also explore their sexuality at their own pace and without worrying about other people’s reactions. Many women often don’t know what they like (or don’t like in bed) because they are too scared to experiment or too afraid to share their desires with others. 

By reading erotica, they get to experience some of the things they might be dreaming about without actually having to commit to anything (and without having to explain themselves to other people). 

Reading erotica is a great way to improve your sex life, pass the time, or simply get your rocks off. If you ask women, a lot of them will say it’s better than porn — and now you know why!