Women and Sex: What Makes Them Happy

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What Women Need for a Happy Sex Life

Traditionally, men are thought to be way easier to please sexually. Apparently, all guys need is to see a bit of skin, and they’re raring to go. For them, sexual desire and sexual satisfaction are easy to come across. So why is it so different with women? Or perhaps it’s not that different after all?

Both men and women need to have active sex lives to fulfill their desires for a happy life. While it may seem a bit shallow, it’s entirely normal that sexual activity is crucial for achieving the feeling of content.

But while we both enjoy sexual activities, we don’t necessarily crave the same aspects of it. For instance, women enjoying sex will be more into sharing sexual intimacy with a partner. While guys do appreciate it as well, they’re not that bothered by it. Women’s sex drives are more contextual — they need more than just the act itself. Sure, sex feels incredible even when there’s no love in it, but men see sex as the goal of a relationship. With women, sex is just the cherry on top. A happy sex life involves many other things, such as the feeling of being desired, the romance, and the actual anticipation of the act.

So, ladies, if you want a better sex life, or a happier one, what do you do? How do you improve it and reap all the benefits of sex? Let’s check out!

Know and Understand What You Like

One of the primary reasons many women don’t feel fully satisfied with their sex lives is that they don’t achieve maximum pleasure. Why’s that? You see, many women don’t know what they’re really into. Generally speaking, women are less likely to be experimental in bed and try out different things. There are plenty of reasons for that. One of them is the social constructs that surround women and their sexuality. Basically, the more you’re ready to do stuff that some will consider dirty, the crazier of a woman you are. But why care about what people who are not in the room think?

You need to discover your sexuality, and that discovery needs to go beyond just what gender you’re into. The bottom line is, how can you tell if you like or dislike guacamole if you’ve never tried it? The same goes for sex. For instance, all of us have different erogenous zones. Consequently, all of us like different parts of our bodies stimulated.

Simply, you can’t know if you like getting your feet licked until someone goes down there and does it for the first time. You shouldn’t be reluctant about learning your body and what makes it happy. In time, you’ll find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Then, you’ll be able to focus on more pleasurable things, and they will bring you more joy. Once you understand what gets you horny, you’ll achieve pleasure more intensely and more often.

Being Mindful or Being in the Moment

When you’re having sex, are you really having sex, or are you just going through the motions? In today’s world, we live a stress-filled life. Pretty much all aspects of our lives cause us stress. That’s our jobs, annoying colleagues, angry clients, traffic jams, no more wine bottles in the kitchen. One of the benefits of sex is that it allows us to get rid of all that stress and negative energy bottled inside us. But that doesn’t happen if we’re not enjoying it properly.

It’s hard for people to switch their thoughts off completely and focus solely on sex. It’s even more difficult for women, because, as we’ve said before, they need more than just action to get their juices flowing. You should find a way that allows you to improve your mindfulness. With it, you’ll be more present at any given moment, not just a sexual one. As a result, you’ll reach orgasm more easily and have better conditions for achieving happiness.

Sexual Confidence

Another significant obstacle when it comes to fully enjoying sex is women’s perception of their bodies. They often have thoughts about how they appear without clothes, whether they have weight issues or problems with physical condition. These thoughts are hard to shake off and will affect their mood going into it. Of course, you can hear the partner say that they don’t care about it and that they see you attractive, but that doesn’t do it, does it?

Being confident in your appearance will let you be more confident in a relationship as a whole, which affects sex as well. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to starve and work out 24 hours a day so that you could resemble Naomi Campbell. But some workout does help. You’ll start to notice changes on your body that others might not, which will positively reflect on your confidence. Work on the parts of yourself you’re unhappy about.

A Healthy Relationship

Your overall view on the relationship with your partner is also a contributing factor. You can’t have as much fun with sex as you want if you’re not 100-percent happy with your status. Emotional security and trust are imperative, especially for the ladies, and if you feel like something’s bugging you, make sure you address it. If you sweep things under the rug, there will be no squirting underneath it.

Knowing the Right Products

Sometimes, a helping hand is necessary. Many women of all ages experience vaginal dryness, and that’s nothing you should feel ashamed of. It’s an issue you can easily eradicate with the use of a lubricant. Just make sure you do your research and buy the right one, as there are plenty of lubes on offer.

And we all know guys love having fun on their own, so why wouldn’t you? There’s a wealth of products designed for her pleasure. You should give them a try and see if they work for you. Don’t wait for your partner to do all the heavy lifting — get yourself a toy you can use on yourself. You’ll know best what and how you want something done to you, and, as you’re in charge, you’ll do it flawlessly. That will help you in two-person sex activities massively.